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Forza is vastly experienced in all facets of concrete construction offering the following services.

Concrete Mixer

Concrete Supply and Concrete Placement

With over 35 years in the industry the supply and placement of concrete is at the heart of what we do. The methods that we have developed over the years allow us to place large volumes of concrete in a manner that is both time and cost effective while ensuring a standard of finish that complies with the Australian Standards.


Horizontal and vertical formwork

Our vast experience with multiple formwork systems gives us the knowledge to form the most complex structures in a safe and highly efficient manner. We form in a way that allows for it to be stripped as cleanly as possible while allowing for the bulk of materials to be recycled.


Hydraulic and crane assisted core jump form systems

At Forza we have fostered a long working relationship with the major suppliers and manufactures of hydraulic core jump form systems. With our great working relationship, we can design and manufacture a safe working core system to suit any project.


Supply and installation of perimeter safety screens

With more than 100 screens in stock ranging from 12m to 15m high, we can design a perimeter safety screen system to suit any project. We also offer a range of screens that can be crane handled or hydraulic lifted.


Supply and installation of certified 2.3m high handrail system

In conjunction with our workforce we have designed a lightweight telescopic handrail system with a varying height from 1300mm to 2300mm. Our handrail system is fully designed and tested to meet Australian Standards.


Supply and installation of reinforcement

With multiple years of experience, we at Forza will partner with Victoria’s leading reinforcement supply and install companies to deliver a high-quality installation


Patching and Concrete Repair

You do not get to the level of experience Forza has without making a few mistakes. Although they are a rare occurrence these days, we do have some HIGHLY SKILLED patchers that are a part of the Forza Group team, that have the skillset to patch and/or fix any potential defects in the concrete.


Intricate/Specialist work

We have a lot of experience in highly complex concrete structures that most would shy away from. Instead of looking at these complex tasks as a burden to complete, we look at them as a challenge and an opportunity to learn and further grow our knowledge for building structures. Forza Group has had experience forming and pouring Curved Walls, Raking Columns, Large sets of in-situ stairs and in-situ walls as high as 12 meters.

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